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Homeless women and their children from all over the United States will gather on the streets of Los Angeles, joining Forces, Sharing resources.  

With help of volunteers from all over the world, committed to spreading the Green Ripple Effect start Making America Tiny Again; building Tiny Houses on Trailers and Trucks.

Tilling the street-soil, planting on parkways*, growing fresh food for the poor and homeless communities, women helping others and taking back their own health while getting back on track.

Planting Food Forests within Urban Jungles where general health can be improved. Farming food on vacant lots under the new Urban Agriculture Incentive Zone LA City ordinance (UAIZ). 

* “Just Imagine if the neighbors 

had done it collectively. ” 

-Ron Finley, the Gangsta Gardener (see link to YouTube video below).

Growing Local Food on Public Streets


Planting and maintaining LA street parkway food-gardens, driving composting routes, setting up grey water installations and producing sustainable workshops and exhibitions to share our livestreams on our youtube television channels.

Organize the growing and distribution of micro local food to local healthy restaurants that now can be funding all projects above to support the growth of local food and new affordable tiny housing. 

Implementing new Solar Power Technologies, teaching our kids to be mindful living Off the Grid On the Grid. Urban Sustainable Education is Key. School enrollment starts now.

Our Carbon Footprint will be Minimized. 

Make America Minimize Again; 

- MAMA-COCO Constitutional Communities - 

Mobile Living in Groups of Tiny Homes and other good looking house-car vehicles, hitched and unhitched trailers with communal (sanitary and other) uses- on Green Zoned Public Parking-spot areas throughout LA. Kibbutz LA is going mobile.

Together with volunteers, mothers and children drafting Motions for a more Sustainable Future.

The Tiny Motion is a Must!


The Tiny Home movement is evolving rapidly in the United States, more and more families are opting out of rent and mortgages to save money and live less expensive And lighter on this planet.

Spending more time with family and friends while pursuing individuals passions and careers.

Today’s mobile living architecture and design is at its peak of innovation. Astonishing mobile, small, multifunctional and expandable structures are showing up in Metropolitans and Urban Areas.

Across the country we see City Councils passing new laws to encourage smaller living and alternative housing solutions.

Los Angeles, with today’s immense homeless count and affordable housing shortage, can not possibly stay behind. 

This Motion is a Must. 

Expanding Green Zones is essential to keep each-other safe and our children away from existing toxic hostile transient communities. 

Now gathering homeless single mothers with children and women escaping domestic violence.


Every dollar helps, even tho we are officially hitting the streets together on Earth Day 2018 (4/22), we are already meeting woman with kids for instant intakes.

Uhaul’s are temporary converted into shelter to be able to take in at least 3 women and 3 children per day. We are starting a farmfood bank and workshops.

The opportunity and the political support (groundwork) is present, workforce is ready and despite of current circumstances, optimistic. 

Inspired to turn things around fast, but we are not self sufficient yet. WE NEED URGENT FUNDING NOW!

As a guideline might be helpful to know that average costs per person is $22 per day after a one time $100 intake fee that includes a welcome care package;

3 meals, protein bars, drinking water, clean blankets, pyamas, pillows, toothbrushes, several sanitary products, flashlight, solar charging set, books, board games and toys. A printed set of green zone maps for the zip code and school districts of choice and a beeper where you will be notified by Kibbutz La wits meetings, workshops, events and the times the vehicles have to be moved (every 72 hours hitched and 24 unhitched are the rules in City of Los Angeles).

By DMV standards about 13ft high, 8ft wide and without commercial license trailers of no more than 40 feet long or 65 feet combined with towing vehicle.

We are building all models and combinations, this opens oppurtunities to share and demonstrate to the public what is possible within the different laws and department that Tiny home living communities and vehicle dwellers encounter.

A roadmap is designed with ethical and reasonable judgement after consulting with professionals from numerous, federal, county, state and city departments on the yet to be policed and polished rules in the urban LA grey green zones;-)

Housing capacity fluctuates daily as we are building units as we are hauling in the trailers and picking up solid recycled building materials. We are literally flying the parking space ship while we are fixing it.

With proper funding we will be a recourceful single motherboard, soon on our way to true sustainability; able to pay your contribution forward and help other friends and family getting through tuff transitions.

Thank you for caring. Your support keeps us safe.

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